Polo Barrel  

Screw 55mm made of EN 41B Imported Moscow material tufning with nitride steel with Hard chrome plated


Barrel made of nitride steel having ID 55mm duly honed.

Water COOLING provided to the barrel at the feeding section.
EXTRUDER Gearbox will be of reputed make having ratio 15:1

HOPPER: Fabricated in S.S. sheet and glass window. And also arrangement for removal of granules and sliding gate to block off feed opening when necessary is provided. 

There are totally 4 AC frequency & variable drives i.e. 7.5 HP for the Main Motor 1 Hp for Cutter motor, 1 HP for the Jockey Extruder – , and 1/2 HP 2 Nos for the Caterpillar.


Die: CO-EXTRUDER DIE Spider is made in stainless steel and the cup & punch hardened and hard chrome plated. The Die is designed to give multiple lines on the pen barrel through the Jockey Extruder.   

Pen Refill Extrusion Machine

WATER TANK : 13’ 6” long stainless steel for cooling the barrel, vacuum chamber of 7” x 12” for sizing of pen barrel fitted with 1 HP Vacuum Pump. Storage Tank for complete circulation of chilled water with inlet and outlet system is provided for cooling. Four movable guide rollers provided for centering of the pen barrel.


Polo Barrel

Halauff : Designed to pull the Pen Barrel in smooth operation without any jerks thus giving complete accuracy on the diameter and inner diameter of pen barrel without any variation in size. The Halauff unit is driven by 1/2 HP AC Motor with Gearbox 2 Nos and AC Drive. Rollers and Nylon reinforced belt are provided for firm gripping of Pen Barrel. Speed is been controlled on VFD Drive.                                                                                                  
Cutter : Cutter is provided with Single or Double sharp Blade for cutting Pen Barrel (P.P. Material) With 6” stand. It is driven by 1 HP AC Motor with Gearbox. Speed is been controlled through VFD Drive.  

PRODUCTION:  20 - 22 kgs/hr. Maximum 


Drive Load: 10 Kw
Total heating load with die: 15 Kw.
Total power consumption for Extrusion plant: 25 Kw.


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